Meet the freshers and their families

They’re all so excited to not be living at home anymore

During the summer, Egham turned into a ghost town. Campus was eerily dead, and you were lucky to bump into another student on Egham High Street. By contrast, campus last week was flooded with freshers, as they and their families took over campus.

We headed to the welcome tent to find out how the freshers felt about starting their degrees, and how their families felt about them being away from home for the first time.

Joe with his mum, Claire and dad, David


Joe: “I’m studying History and living in Reid this year- it’s cheap and has everything I need. I chose Royal Holloway because the course seemed decent, and my dad studied Geography here. My home’s in Cornwall so I’m quite far away, but I have family living near Egham, so that’s reassuring.”

Claire: “We know the local area from when David came here, so we’re not concerned. We are pleased to see Joe move away and become independent.”

Eliza and her mum, Ann


Eliza: “I’m studying English and Classical Studies.  I chose Royal Holloway because I liked it the best. I also used to live near Staines, so I know the area. My home is back in Devon, and I’m really excited to live away. It’s my chance to do my own thing. This year I want to make some solid friends, and solidify my ideas of what I want to do in life.”

Ann: “I’m happy for Eliza. We also have friends living in the area, so I find comfort in that. I’m going to miss Eliza to bits.”

Khazina with dad, Nasir and mum, Sofia11998048_10205442192001878_34071025_n

Khazina: “I’m studying Economics. My Dad did a masters in Business Administration so he knew it was a good uni. I’m commuting from home in West London this year. I get to stay with my family, and it’s cheaper. I want to join the Economics Society and the Labour Society. I’m also interested in journalism, specifically surrounding Socio-Economic issues, and I’d love to start writing.”

Nasir: “We are happy for Khazina to be staying at home.”

Amy and mum, Diana12053372_10205442192361887_625410486_n

Amy: “I’m studying English and Creative Writing and living in Founders West this year: it was my first choice of accommodation. Royal Holloway has a really good, chilled vibe. I’d like to join the Drama Society, and possibly try out a sport even though I’m no good at them. I’ve lived away from home before, so it’s not such a daunting experience. I’d actually love to travel when I’ve finished my degree.

Diana: “I’m really excited for Amy.”

George, with mum, Caroline and dad, Mark12032542_10205442192561892_399623304_n

George: “I’m studying Film, Television and Digital Production. I chose Royal Holloway because my Media teacher recommended it. Before I came here, I won an Oxford Campus doodle competition, and I’m looking forward to spending the £250 prize money on beer and pizza. I’m really excited to live away from home. My goal for the next three years is to meet a group of people to make films with for the rest of my life. I’d also like to help out at the SU, and become a Student Ambassador.”

Caroline: “I feel really positive and proud of George. I’m also tinged with sadness at him moving away.

Stefan with his step-brother, Anthony12025292_10205442193921926_112871799_n

Stefan: “I’m studying Maths. I got in through clearing, and my application for halls wasn’t successful, so I’m living in a house off campus this year. I’m a bit nervous but also excited. I hope my housemates are clean. I’m actually really happy I’m at Royal Holloway. It’s such a beautiful campus, and I’ve already met some cool people. I want to join the Maths Society, and maybe try Lacrosse.”

Anthony: “I’m about to re-do my second year here. I love that my little brother has followed in my footsteps. I’m excited to have him here.”