‘I love drunk students!’: Hanging out with Bossman at Runnymede Chicken & Ribs

40 per cent of his customers come from RHUL

The smell wafting down Egham High Street is unmistakably irresistible. Vegetarians aside, everyone loves Runnymede Chicken and Ribs. From the low prices and the food to the owner, Mr Ranam (or “Bossman” as he’s better known), Runnymede Chicken and Ribs embodies everything we could want – cheap, delicious, fast food served with a genuine smile.

The establishment has even developed its own fan base, with 1,061 likes on an unofficial Facebook page. But did you ever stop to wonder what it would be like to see things from the other side of the counter? I took half an hour of Bossman’s time to find out.


Such a joker

Can you tell me a bit about the history of Runnymede Chicken and Ribs?

It used to be an Indian takeaway but in August 2010 my brother and I took over and turned it into a chicken shop. I’ve been running it for over five years now. I love it.


Bossman with his brother and co-owner, Senthivel

What percentage of your customer base is Royal Holloway students?

About forty percent. The students are great, they love it here.

Why do you think students love Runnymede Chicken so much?

The food is good value and quality, but I don’t like to focus on the money. I love every single one of my customers. It’s like when you go home and have a meal cooked by mum- I’m the mum!


Bossman loves all of his customers

How much chicken do you sell in a day?

Lots. On a busy day, we can have up to 400 customers. I love my business. When I first started it, I didn’t expect to do as well as we have done.

Do you get a lot of drunken students?

Yes, lots!

Have you ever had any drunken drama?

Never. The students are always really happy when they come in after a night out, and I’m always happy to see them.

What’s your favorite item on the menu?

I can’t choose, I like everything the same.

Do you have any advice for the freshers starting at Royal Holloway this year?

Have a good time and study hard… and come and visit Runnymede Chicken and Ribs!


Jobin and Senthivel on a a quiet Tuesday night

Granted, the interview was short. But in the short time I spent in the shop, watching Bossman serve the customers, it was clear to see how genuine he is. To see someone so passionate about their business and customers is uplifting. From Egham youths to commuting businessmen, he treated all his customers with the welcome and kindness you’d expect from a friend.

Plus, anyone who has ever ordered anything from the menu knows how generous Bossman is with his portions. Walking away from the shop with a bag full of free food that he, almost like a Grandma, insisted on giving me, I couldn’t help but smile, and think about how lucky Egham is to have such a wonderful, humble, and caring man serving such delicious chicken.