Everyone has thighbrows, here’s how to optimise yours

Finally, a body craze which doesn’t favour the skinny


If you don’t already know what a thighbrow is, don’t get too excited: it’s not an excuse to stop shaving your legs. Confusingly, thighbrows have nothing to do with leg hair. Instead, they’re another Kardashian/Jenner-led internet craze, the new thigh gap – only this time, it’s great news for us bigger girls, holllaaaa.

Thighbrows are something you’ve probably appreciated for a while now but didn’t know what they were called. Basically, they’re the lines which appear above your thighs when you sit or kneel down. They’ve existed forever but all it took was one Kardashian on a boat picture and POOF, now they have a name.

Me and my thighbrows chilling out

Me and my thighbrows chilling out

Before you dismiss them as another stupid fad, or an unhealthy body craze, hold on a sec. Sit down in front of a mirror right now and look. You have thighbrows. Literally everyone has thighbrows. Don’t be cynical because if anything, this is a good body craze: the skinnier you are, the less of a thighbrow you’ll have, so this is promoting a healthy weight.

A pair of thighbrows are hiding under my skirt

Thighbrows are always with you, even when you can’t see them

Unlike the thigh gap, thighbrows don’t leave anyone out. No body craze can really be labeled feminist but this is definitely a step in the right direction towards acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.

With thighbrows here to stay, here are some tips on how to take the perfect #thighbrow pic:

Ah, a wild Thighbrow appears

Ah, a wild Thighbrow appears

1) It works best with knickers or bikini bottoms. Pull them up above your hips a la the photo above to really show off your thighbrows.

2) Haven’t got very pronounced thighbrows? Well, congrats on being skinny. However, you can still pull them off by bending forward. The more you bend, the more prominent your thighbrows will become.

3) Kneeling produces the best thighbrows. So throw on a crop-top, some knickers and a full face of makeup and pretend its a cute, on the floor just-before-bed selfie. Ah, lying on the internet.

4) Still can’t master the thighbrow? Make up your own new body craze, post some pictures of it and wait for the internet to pounce. I’ve had some ideas for body crazes of my own you can feel free to use: having elbows, owning a torso, big toes. The list is endless. If the Kardashians ever want to start a leg hair craze I speak on behalf of every woman when I say I’m all for it.