How do we live in a world where women beat another woman up for wearing a bikini?

So much for sisterhood


Over in France this week, a bikini-wearing woman was sunbathing in a park when a gang of women beat her up because they were offended by her lack of clothes. First up: can we really expect anything different from a country where the legs of amphibious reptiles are a delicious snack? And secondly: WHAT THE FUCK?

Let’s go through this step by step. A woman decided to innocently sunbathe in a bikini. And then she was beaten up. By other women. We now live in a world where a woman has been physically attacked by other women for being a woman. Uh hello, internalised misogyny 101, is that you?

me, looking rad in a bikini, ready to be ripped apart on social media for my audacity at posting such a disgraceful picture

Fortunately nobody has ever attacked me for wearing a bikini, they just mock my self-indulgent Facebook pics

If I want to sunbathe in a park, my only real fear is the reaction of men. (Which, yes, is pretty fucked up too. It’s 2015 and I want to wear a bikini, and yet I’m still scared of what men might say or do to me? But anyway, ignore that for the moment.) I have never thought “Hmm, the sight of my midriff and exposed shoulders and/or legs will INFURIATE some women to the point of physically beating me, should probably stick some more layers on”.

Why are the women who did this, whoever they are, siding with men, the very people oppressing us? Incidents like this drag the progression of feminism back at least ten years. I don’t care if your religious beliefs prohibit you from walking around with a bit of skin on show, attacking other women will get you nowhere if you want the rights to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equality.

Sadly, if the woman had been beaten up by a gang of men, the story wouldn’t have been as shocking. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a column asking men not to take their tops off on sunny days, as it’s unfair women can’t do the same without fear of being told they’re “disturbing the peace”. As it stands, a bikini is the only way women can strip off in the heat without causing offence. Outraged at the notion of a woman telling them what to do, several half-wits sprung into action, simultaneously telling me they were a feminist and I was a “slapper that uses my boobs for likes”.

Women are brought up surrounded by idiots like this and sexist, male influences telling them what to do and how to look and act. We have to actively make an effort to break free from these, rather than just conform to them. So when women attack another woman, all they’re doing is aiding the internalisation of misogyny and restricting the feminist movement.

Girls, if you want to help your own gender out, maybe don’t go attacking someone because of how they’re dressed. In fact, always ask yourselves the following questions before you comment on something, online or in person (this applies to the guys reading this too):

1) Is it any of my fucking business to tell this woman what to do?
2) Would I agree with what I am saying if someone was telling me to do it?

Answer no to either of these, and that means keep quiet. It’s as simple as that. Follow those rules and maybe next time I write something my Facebook feed won’t be full of outraged meninists like these guys.


This dude is already dictating his baby daughter’s future. Why are idiots allowed to breed, again?


Sorry I forgot men are helpless animals with no self-control


‘You’re obviously an irrational feminist’ *ten lines later* ‘I am a feminist’


You know you’re arguing with an idiot when they make up ‘scientific’ facts

In case it still isn’t clear: Guys (and, now, gals), let anyone do what they want. If a girl wants to wear a bikini and it’s not harming you, let her. If a guy wants to take his top off, and if a girl is allowed to with the same rights, let him. Now, stop shaming people and beating them up, have a nice day and fuck off.