How to prepare for tour this summer

What happens on tour…

Now university is pretty much done and dusted for the year, it’s time to start thinking about tour. If you’re booked to go on a sport tour this summer, no matter what you play, the below guide will ensure you not only survive but thrive while away. Enjoy yourselves and drink responsibly… only kidding.

Prep your liver

Not by “cleansing” or “resting” it, no no. Prepare it by drinking an all manner of drinks you might come across while on tour before you fly out. Fish buckets, mixers, shots… the list goes on.

In the words of Ladies 1’s Hockey captain Georgia Hall: “Keep drinking, push through the wall”.

I'm not suggesting you drink as much as possible, just prepare your liver for what it is about to go through… Example A.

Make sure there are no surprises for your poor liver

Get a good name on your tour top

Don’t go with something boring and mediocre, it has to be funny and it has to be original. And it has to be all over everything you wear. In sharpie.

While on the topic of things that will be all over everything you wear, Georgia Hall the Ladies 1s Hockey captain again, has this to add: “Glitter. Don’t forget glitter.”

Don’t worry about being cultured and fill your days with ‘cultural’ daytime drinking instead

Try drinking out a pineapple, cocktails and national beers… doesn't get much more cultural then that?

I’m drinking out of a pineapple, what could be more cultured?

Download the ‘Find My Friend’ app (for the loose cannons)

We all have one friend who always goes missing on a night out, even when it’s only at the SU. Keep tabs on them with the iPhone app Find Friends.

If you’re the kind of person who gets lost, maybe follow the advice of Nathan Syme, the Men’s 2s Hockey captain: “Definitely take out some personal travel insurance”.

Download for free from App Store. Sorry to the very few non-iphone users reading this… come on though, have you been living under a rock, its the 21st century.

Not available on Android

Don’t forget your sports kit

Be warned, you might actually be dragged onto a pitch and be expected to play some sport at some point #keyitem.

As for other clothes, heed the words of the men’s lacrosse captain Tom Stevenson: “Take stuff you don’t mind getting ruined and get it ruined”.

Pull it out the back of the wardrobe, give it a quick wash and your set.

Pull it out the back of the wardrobe, give it a quick wash and your set.

Make a checklist to decide who gets the room key

Create a checklist such as…

Create a checklist such as…

Or you could just leave it at the check in desk of your hotel before you leave on a night out?

Take a week off afterwards: you won’t be okay

Collapsed, in your sports kit, with a 4 day long hangover once you land back home, believing that the only viable explanation is that you are near-death and will never drink again.

I’m never drinking again

Tom Stevenson, Men’s 1s Lacrosse captain says: “Paracetemol is a god-send, keep it with you at all times. Heat plus hangover equals hell.”