Policeman accused of framing RHUL protestor at tuition fee demo

Officer allegedly hit the student in the face with his shield

A Met Police officer has been accused of perverting the course of justice after knocking out a Royal Holloway student’s tooth at a tuition fee protest.

PC Andrew Ott, 36, who also faces a charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, hit William Horner with his riot shield during the demonstration which had turned violent, the court heard.

Two other officers are on trial for conspiring to pervert the course of justice. PC Calvin Lindsay, 31, and PC Thomas Barnes, 31, allegedly invented a reason to arrest William and justify the assault by their colleague.

Police at the 2010 protest. There is no suggestion anyone in this picture is related to the incident with William Horner

Police at the 2010 protest. There is no suggestion anyone in this picture is related to the incident with William Horner

William had allegedly been attempting to break free from a kettled area in Parliament Square when Ott struck out with his shield, knocking out the RHUL student’s tooth.

Earlier in the day, PC Ott was allegedly recorded on his radio saying: “I’ve clouted a few, just to get a bit of justice back”, “I’m going to f*cking batter them”, “Poke that little c*nt right in the eye” and “Boys if you get a clout of that f*cking geezer there…you have a go, he has been a fucking nightmare”.

After the incident with William, the court heard PC Ott was recorded saying: “He’s going to have to have done something, because I’ve put his tooth out.”

Tuition fee demonstrators marching through London in 2010

Tuition fee demonstrators marched through London in 2010 to protest the hike in fees to £9k a year

In the ongoing trial, prosecutor Edmund Vickers said: “During the alleged incident of the assault itself, he is heard to say various incriminating things, the Crown says.

“When Mr Horner was initially stopped Mr Horner initially accused him of assaulting him, Mr Ott replied ‘not me mate, you slipped on the metal fence’.”

Jurors were told PC Ott was then recorded saying: “Ideally I want him nicked, you know what I mean – for something – if he is here he is playing up anyway, he is right gobby”.


There is no suggestion either of the people pictured are William Horner

PC Lindsay then allegedly told his colleague: “I forgot to tell you what happened, as he has jumped over there he has said “I’m going to fucking smash up that building.”

The court heard PC Barnes then arrived on the scene and agreed to write a statement agreeing William had threatened criminal damage.

William was then arrested and taken to Harrow Police Station where he spent the night in custody facing questioning, jurors were told. No further action was taken against him.

The trial continues.