Tab poll results: Nearly half of RHUL voting Tory tomorrow

Nobody said they were backing UKIP

Nearly half of RHUL students plan to vote for the Conservatives in tomorrow’s general election, according to a Tab poll.

42 per cent of you told us you plan to vote for the Tories, while Red Ed’s Labour party received backing from only 30 per cent of students.


Royal Holloway is situated in the Conservative safe seat of Runnymede and Weybridge. Over 55 per cent of residents voted for local Tory MP and current Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond in the last general election.

Natalie Bennett’s Green Party were the third most popular choice, leaving the Liberal Democrats trailing in their wake. 11 per cent of students will be voting Green tomorrow, while only 8 per cent have been able to forgive the Lib Dems for helping to raise tuition fees.

Not a single respondent to our survey expressed an intention to vote for UKIP, which is perhaps not surprising given how international RHUL is.

Four per cent of students plan to fight the system by not voting at all, while five per cent of you still haven’t made your mind up. The polls open in less than 24 hours.