RHUL rakes in over £5,000 a year from student fines

That doesn’t even include library late charges

As if your £9,000 in tuition fees wasn’t enough, The Tab can reveal Royal Holloway makes over £5,000 a year from disciplinary fines.

Between the start of term and January, students have had to pay the uni £1,700 in fines with the average fine totalling over £80.

These fines are handed out to students found in breach of the code of conduct, and since 2012, Royal Holloway has made £14,830 from them.


Such a pretty face, but such greedy evils within

The largest fine handed out by the uni in that time was £500, for an incident of major misconduct such as drink-driving, cannabis use, or violence.

So, basically, if you’re caught with weed on campus, you could face forking out 500 quid. Good luck paying your rent.

Lauren Woodley, a second year Psychology student, said: “It’s horrific. As if we don’t pay enough money to this uni as it is, now they think they can just squeeze us for what we’re worth. It needs sorting to be honest.”

Rob Bohea, also a second year, agreed. “Though I respect the university is a business that needs to make money, making further income from students who already pay a huge amount in tuition fees is wrong. 0/10, Roho.”