Missing RHUL fresher suspected of joining ISIS

He stopped going to lectures in January


A fresher from Royal Holloway who has been missing since January is feared to have fled the country and joined ISIS.

Zubair Nur, 19, is rumoured to have joined the Islamic State after posting extremist Islamic views on social media. The alert was raised when the university realised Zubair had not been attending lectures this term.


Zubair, who was deputy head boy at his high-reaching secondary school in Surrey, was at university to study Petroleum Geology. He has been described as “hard working, very polite and intelligent”.

Understandably, the rumours Zubair may have become a part of the extremist Islamic group have shocked fellow friends and course mates.

A coursemate, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “I would never have thought of him to be in on something like this and was very shocked when I found out.”

When asked if he believed the rumours were true, he said: “Hopefully it’s completely misinterpreted but I fear the worst, it’s sad really. When he stopped coming to lectures I thought nothing of it and thought he’d just changed course or something, crazy.”

Another student told The Tab: “I think the country has failed him in a way – he deserves a proper chance and people to look for him more before jumping to conclusions. He could be a normal 18-year-old boy and he might need help.”

Interpol are currently investigating Zubair’s whereabouts.