Everyone thinks Kingswood is the worst hall

It was unanimous

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can be compared to the glorious Kingswood. 

When asking people around campus what they thought was the worst halls, there was only one winner. Kingswood is despised not only by the people who live there but also by everyone else too.

Here’s what people told us about Kingswood. Let’s start with the most complimentary.

Karen, lives in Butler

Butler life.

Butler life

“Kingswood is unique… I guess”.

Petra, Tuke

Tuke is the one.

Tuke is the one

“Kingswood is quite shit. Yeah, far and rather shit.”

Ricardo, ex-Kingswood tenant

“From what I’ve seen, Kingwood 1 is probably the worst. I lived in Kingswood 2, so I was quite lucky to have my own toilet and it felt quite safe. But then Kingswood 1, in comparison to 2, I know a couple of people have got things stolen from their rooms.”

“I’ve also heard grim stories about their toilets.”

Taylor and Henry, ex-Reid and Tuke tenants


Taylor: “Kingswood 1 is the worst because it looks like a mental asylum”.


Henry: “I’ve heard it’s like a prison in there”.

Kirstin, Tuke

Too hipster for Kingswood.

Too hipster for Kingswood.

“I don’t like Reid because it’s really small, and there’s a lot of people for a tiny pantry. I don’t like the idea Founders is a hall as well, considering it has a lecture theatre and a medical centre. But mostly Kingswood is shit. I’ve heard that stuff breaks a lot and doesn’t get fixed quickly. It’s also far away from everything, and the security is a bit wavey.”