Royal Holloway tops uni rankings, but not on something important…

It’s a start I guess…

Pat yourselves on the back everyone, Royal Holloway has made the top 10 in the latest Times Higher Education list…for “most international” unis.

Sure, it’s not a uni ranking anyone’s really going to pay attention to when picking where to study – and it probably won’t impress any employers – but RHUL’s sixth place means it’s way ahead of the likes of Imperial College London, and even Oxford.

More international than your average airport departures lounge

Over 20 per cent of students at Royal Holloway are from outside the European Union, with over 100 countries represented by the student body in total. All this means we score a whopping “international outlook” score of 94.4.

Third year Hannah said: “I love going to such an international university. It impacts the whole experience, and you learn things about people and their heritage that you may not otherwise.”

Her friend Melanie added: “It’s always so nice to get to meet people from all around the world, it’s one of Royal Holloway’s best qualities.”