Police called to Englefield Green to deal with ‘suspicious male’

Armed police rushed to the scene


UPDATE: Witnesses have claimed the man was carrying a sword which was “around a metre long”. The following message was posted on Facebook:


Police were called to Englefield Green on Sunday to deal with reports of a suspicious male roaming the once-peaceful student village.

Predictably outlandish rumours were flying around Royal Holloway’s campus but the identity of the offender remains unclear.

One worried student tweeted that the police were armed and brought dogs.

A Surrey police statement said: “An extensive search of the area was carried out and no risk to members of the public was identified.”


Sneha Limbu, an RHUL student living in Englefield Green, said: “After hearing about the robberies and threats occurring in and around the Egham/Englefield Green area, I am now quite anxious walking home.

Englefield Green


“Around my street, the lights don’t come on until 8pm, even though it gets dark at 4pm now! It is sad that an area I considered so safe is now forcing me to be in fear all the time I am out late, or just be comfortable staying in all the time.”

Nyssa Mirza, a third year studying Geography, Politics and International Relations, said: “I not only attend Royal Holloway, a university in Surrey, but my home residence is also in Surrey.

“This makes me extremely concerned for the overall safe image of the place as well as my own personal safety. Incidences such as these are occurring more frequently, which should alert the police officers in the area.”

Third year student Terence Rogers said: “To be on the safe side, I think I will drive home when it gets dark now.”

Eve Atkinson said: “This does not even feel real! It is ridiculous that the university does not have extra security for the student areas of Englefield Green and Egham.”

The Tab heard rumours the man was dressed as a clown but these are unsubstantiated – if you know anything please email [email protected]