The SU Thunderball in Pictures

Royal Holloway hosted the annual 007 Thunderball on 4th October- marking the end of two weeks of fresher fun.

For all that don’t know, the Thunderball is the one night of the Royal Holloway calendar when it’s completely acceptable to turn up to the SU in a ball gown and a three piece tux.

So, was the SU Thunderball worth the £10 entry? Or was it simply style over substance? 

We arrived at the event and we were greeted immediately by James Bond’s car in the place of the usual smoking area. Good start.  

Everybody got a free Bucks Fizz included with their entrance ticket, as well as a greeting from glamorous Bond girls. 

Bond Villain actors were also part of the set up, buzzing around all evening taking pictures with students. Selfie with Jaws anyone?

There was no shortage of entertainment all evening. Fire juggling Goldfinger girls to name a few.

This was the best photo we got of the casino upstairs in Rialto because it was so popular all night!

The SU set up a mini arcade in the middle of the dance floor too. Definitely some drunk driving going on judging from that leaderboard.

‘Cynical’ took to the SU stage as the main act of the evening and the SU was jam packed all night.

And finally, we loved the strong wardrobe efforts of freshers this year. Here are a few of the standouts.

Jessica Beagley: First Year History

Dress: Lipsy 

Will Jenkins- Guest at SU 

Kevin Wai and Kieran Patel

Sophia Efstathiou, Rhiannon Lloyd and Victoria Schafer- First Years

Yolanda Harding- First Year Music

Deon Chorey- First Year Psychology 

The Tab evaluates that the SU Thunderball delivered this year, and was definitely worth every bit of the Moneypenny…