Campus Style: Freshers Week

The best looks from the first week back at uni!


Freshers week at Royal Holloway was a great success, with plenty of new and familiar faces returning to campus. We spent the first week of term buzzing around campus snapping some of the best dressed students on campus to celebrate, and here’s what we found.

Nona Michael: First year Geography

We loved her dress so much that we chased her down the road for a photo.

Dress: Topshop

Boots: Unknown boutique in Cyprus.

Athina Kavaklioti: Third Year Drama and Theatre Studies

That quirky bag caught our eye right away.

Bag: From an unknown boutique in Greece

Shoes: Clarks

Sophia Palmstedt: Third year Management and HR

Sophia’s casual chic – we love the sunnies too.


Adam Engdahl: Third year Management Accounting

Adam looked great as well, with his shirt and sweater combo.

Evie Duncan: Third year Psychology

Evie with her vintage accessories.

Shoes: Monsoon

Cardi: Vintage Laura Ashley

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Sofia Djaceuko: Second Year Geology

“Minimal effort with a hangover” was how Sofia described her outfit- we liked the pop of orange.

Jumper: ASOS

Jacket: Zara

Chernice Parsley: First year International Relations

She’s so girly!

Dress: TK Maxx

Bag: Ted Baker

Auash Mohan: First year Multilingual Studies

Urban street style on campus.

Hat and T-shirt: Criminal Damage

Trousers: Zara

Adele Mabley: First year Psychology

“I bought this cropped shirt yesterday at the Royal Holloway Vintage Fair.”

Rosie Howard: First year music

Rocking the tartan trend.

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Topshop

Julian: First year Ecology and the Environment

There’s no shortage of smartly dressed guys at Roho.

Shirt: Jack Wills


Chantal: RHUL alumni

Head to toe in designer brands.

Royal Holloway alumni

Chantal wore a Ralph Lauren quilted jacket with a tiny Coach purse.

And obviously The Tab team looked amazing in our campaigning t-shirts.