Ten things you’ll understand if you go to Royal Holloway

Welcome to the life of a RoHo student

1. You have seen in a new day in at least one of these places, with a can of Red Bull and a twinge of procrastination related regret.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.19.28

2. The procrastination all started as a result of a few hours study break at this place – Absolute Filth, anyone?

Item 2

3. Budgens has been your late-night alcohol run saviour/worst enemy the day after when you realise you spent THAT MUCH on ropey vodka.

Item 3

4. If you don’t have a car, this place is your Westfields. No, really- Kingston and Windsor are far too far on the train.

Item 4

Staines- who the hell even needs more than 5 shops anyway? It has a Wetherspoons, right?

5. However, you can justify a taxi for a trip to Windsor for a Thursday night at Liquid. Foam party, anyone?

Item 5

6. The back gate has been equal to Mount Everest after a late one… Or just after a misjudged Papa John’s.

Item 6

The back gate steps- Next year, let’s live in Englefield Green.

7. During summer you have sat here and listened to at least one rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ from a guy with an acoustic guitar and Ray Bans.

Item 7

8. You have met a whole host of interesting characters on the Shhh! Bus- and every single one of them will laugh at you if you rip your trousers whilst getting on- Even that guy with sick down his shirt.


9. You have lived in frigging Hogwarts!

Item 9

10. You’re completely aware how lame Egham is. But only you are allowed to say it.

Item 10

Egham station- Charmingly crappy. You’re home.