Why Runnymede Chicken & Ribs is the best takeaway

We might not be spoilt for choice in Egham – but there’s one clear King of Chicken

Warning: look away if hungry

Despite what Royal Holloway has to offer – a first-class education, a peaceful campus dominated by the majestic Founders building, and a bangin’ library and SU – what we Hollowayer’s are deprived of is quality, greasy fast food that is all too essential in the student diet.

But forget all about your Maccie Ds, your KFCs and the slothful delivery speed of Papa G’s. Egham has one establishment that will remedy those excruciating, student urges for a good, bloaty meal. That is, of course, Runnymede Chicken & Ribs.

Down in the metropolis that is Egham, this fine establishment lies hedged between the bookies and a salon, and opposite the not-so-essential Egham Essentials. Built into the folklore of the town, Runnymede has attracted travellers far and wide to taste its culinary delights.

A duo that rivals the likes of Batman & Robin, Lennon & McCartney, and Kenan & Kel

Unparalleled spicy wings

Two distinctive features have marked out Runnymede as a special  place to dine. Attentive service and fried chicken. A heavenly combo I know. The dynamic partnership between the two  gentlemen pictured – the one on the right allegedly named  ‘Bossman’ by locals – ensures wonderful spicy wings are quickly  delivered to customers.

The portions are unbelievable value for your money, and a fiver can easily satisfy even the most disturbing rumblings of any stomach.

“Can someone spot me? Left me shillings at home”

As you can clearly see in the image above, Runnymede attracts people from every walk of life. The lad with the flat-cap is clearly a chimney sweep. Or he thinks flat-caps are in. Regardless, he’s about to tuck into some good chicken that will momentarily make him forget the woes of his world, and his disastrous choice to wear a flat-cap to Runnymede. What a douche.

“Wot u lukin at m8? just gettin sum chips brah innit”

The team are always ready to weather the storm of orders coming their way

Overall, Runnymede is the place to go for all your fast food cravings. It offers quality and quantity. Irresistible for its charm of its service and galore of chicken, Runnymede has a place in many people’s hearts, as well as their bellies.