A message to drunken students: RoHo bar staff bite back

Here are a few things the bar staff have wanted to say to you drunken SU goers – but have always been too professional to do so


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“The customer is always right” – five words that have permeated the capitalist consumer society in which we live. The slogan was popularised by such retailers as Harry Gorden Selfridge and John Wanamaker – but they obviously forgot about what people are like when they’re pissed. Especially students.

And for the bar staff of RoHo campus this couldn’t be more relevant. How right is the customer likely to be if they’re requesting a round of ten tequilas whilst dribbling into their double JD and coke? This is a scenario seen night after night in the bars on campus, and something that all the staff working there have an opinion on. Just because it’s not being said to your face, ‘rude man who thinks waving your debit card will attract the right attention’, doesn’t mean it’s not being thought.

Here are a few things that bar staff have wanted to say but have always been too professional to do so:

Annunciation is key. No need to be rude, just speak up.

Patience is a virtue.

Saving time is the key to happiness all round.

How could you not respect such an angelic smile?

It’s all about commitment.

I think the moral here is treat others as you would like to be treated.

One rude customer too many…

Hangovers – If working at a bar wasn’t hard enough.

I think this one is just a heartfelt confession. See, bar staff have feelings too!

No caption needed.

So, next time you decide to start heckling the bar staff that you share a university with, take a moment to think – will this get you a drink, or are you just making a tit out of yourself? In case it wasn’t obvious, Royal Holloway is a small campus meaning you are quite likely to see the bar member you called a twat, in your seminar the next day. At the end of the day we’re all students, so just be nice and save everyone the grief. Judging by the last picture, I think it may be in your best interest.

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