The big night out debate: the SU vs Windsor

It’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make as a RoHo student – but we’re here to help.

The length of the journey

And it's only a drunken crawl away from halls

And it’s only a drunken crawl away from halls

The great thing about going to the SU for a night out is that you’re all of two minutes away from bed if you live on campus, probably about ten if you live off. Although the Shh Bus isn’t the greatest method of transport, it’s cheap and you’re back in bed at the end of the night in no time.

The treacherous journey

Getting to Windsor, however, feels like a trek. The combo of waiting at the bus stop, embarking on a coach journey and travelling more than 4 miles away from campus all to climb 10,0000 stairs to get up to Liquid is fun for no one.

Stars for convenience
ROHO: *****

Chance of reaching your destination

Who’d want to leave this?

Egham is a small place. Therefore, wherever you live, you probably are always walking distance from the SU. So, if you (most probably drunkenly) forget your I.D., your life and night aren’t ruined – you can just pop back to your halls and get it. It also means that if you’re a bit tipsy and manage to stack it on one of RoHo’s many speed bumps you can hobble back to your accommodation for a plaster. Plus, if one of your friends gets too drunk, you don’t all have to go back home/nurse them in the club toilets. Depending on how responsible and caring you are, either drop them off in bed or leave them with one of your flatmates who’s in staying for the night – and off to the SU you roll.

Windsor: far from accessible

According to more experienced Windsor-goers, the coach waits for and likes no one – if you forget your id, you aren’t going to Windsor; if you’re friend is slightly too drunk, you aren’t going to Windsor. And that’s the odds if you actually even manage to make it to the coach –  the pathway from most of our uni’s accommodation to the bus station is cold, mildly hilly and dark, and I’ve seen photos of many a drunken student make a bed for themselves in the leaves on the way there.

ROHO: ****
Windsor: ***

The actual place

Not the most inviting building

The SU kind of reminds me of a school hall – fruit market/vintage fair by day and a club by night. But it’s the kind of place you love because it’s ours, as roho uni students. The music is okay (although I do not appreciate paying 5 pounds extra because its end of term), sometimes there’s a bit too much strobe lighting, but I personally am fond of a night at the SU.

Good old Liquid

Liquid in Windsor, on the other hand, feels a bit like a moshpit surrounded by stripper poles; going to the S Club 7  – sorry 3, reunion there was a slightly terrifying experience: sweaty, claustrophobic but also very fun.  Liquid’s also good if you fancy meeting people who aren’t at university with us – although, be warned, your new pals could be newly turned 18 year olds living in Windsor, still at sixth form.

ROHO: ****
Windsor: ***