Hall wars: Williamson, Tuke and Butler

Battle of the halls: there’s no doubt about it, these are the best halls on campus.

Four reasons why Williamson, Tuke and Butler are the best halls at RoHo.

1. The windows

Even better with a few xmas decorations

Perfect for peering at passers-by

It’s sad that our flats don’t have a TV, but the windows in our kitchens almost make up for it – they basically serve as giant plasma screen TVs. From my kitchen view in Tuke, my flatmates and I find great morning amusement in seeing non-Butler dwellers doing a walk of shame on a Thursday morning – still in last night’s SU outfit, make up still intact, dignity perhaps not so – as they creep barefoot back to their true abode.

2. The bedrooms


..yet spacious

Our rooms are fantastic. Double beds, en-suite bathrooms, little pin boards to post memories and photos, enough room to dance around to Taylor Swift if you do that sort of thing. One of my best friends goes to Leeds – ok, on nightlife she wins hands down. But her room and ‘ensuite’ simply don’t compare. The loo is so small that the shower hangs over the toilet, so that you might as well sit down whilst bathing.

3. The flat parties

And look how crazy we are

Yes, so they’re not so great if you’re trying to get sleep and not invited. But Williamson, Tuke and Butler have been host to some of the best flat parties this term – it’s surprising how many people you can fit in the kitchens; dim the lights, put on some music, add some drunken young adults and you basically feel like you’re in a club. Until Student Support shuts it down. That’s not so fun.

4. The location

Tuke is situated right next to the gym. So let’s be honest, I’d definitely be a little heavier if I lived in Founders. In the dead of winter the idea of walking through a dark, chilly forest pathway for a workout is even more unappealing than the idea of working out itself. Living in Tuke, however, means that you’re a hop, skip and a jump away. Me = happy, waistline = safe.

So there, you have it – four reasons why Williamson, Tuke and Butler are the places to live. So I challenge you, Founders dwellers, Wedderburn-ers and the inhabitants of other insignificant halls I can’t remember the name of, to tell me why your halls trump mine (even though they definitely can’t).