3 signs the SU don’t really care about us

If they really cared, they’d give us cheaper booze and less of that grim ‘campus value’ food.


It’s hard being a student. Booze and debauchery. Lectures and all nighters. Absolute freedom yet virtually no money. Cracking people and some who are just plain old wankers. 

We’ve got the SU to look out for us though right? And they’re meant to be representing our interests. But, if you look at the SU’s track record over the last few years, it clear that their priories lie elsewhere. If they really cared about us, they’d change a few things.

1. The food on campus is grim

This was supposed to be a tuna sandwich

The SU sees Campus Value as one of its big achievements. The overall cost of food at RoHo is expensive to say the least. Campus Value and its big “Buy Me, I’m Cheap” label is championed and hailed by one and all. A lot of people rate it highly. I don’t. Yes, it may be cheap but have you actually tasted those sandwiches? Bland, putrid, dry with the texture of cardboard.

 2. There are strange political campaigns

Don’t get me started on the SU’s political campaigns. Strikes, demos and sit ins on virtually every contemporary political issue of the day. Yes, these isssues are of importance to a huge number of people. However, most of these aren’t students at RoHo. Rabbiting on about our alleged cross campus “solidarity” with the people of Palestine or Syria does to little to address the concerns and needs of Roho students.

3. It’s bloody expensive

Yet another expensive trip to Windsor…

RoHo is the 2nd most expensive uni in the country. The fact that a medium sized jar of coffee granules costs around £4-£5 at the Campus shop clearly shows this. If you asked any first year what there more concerned about, the SU stance on Palestine or the price of a pint at Crosslands I think you’ll find their answer firmly rooted to the latter. Considering a night out at RoHo costs in the region of £20-£30 (and that’s just the SU) compared to Leeds or Newcastle where an evening at a decent club including drinks will be around £15-20, it’s clear to see what the needs of any student action should be focused on.

As much as we try and deny it, we students do live up to a our stereotypes – we love booze, food and anything cheap. But instead of listening to us, the SU’s main focus seems to be on politics, protests and worthless gilb. As one inspired graduate who I had the honour of meeting the other day said: “less VD, more VK”.

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