The ultimate selfie: 9 types of selfie you’ve probably taken

Whether it’s belfies, elfies or shelfies – here’s our pick of the best.


In honour of the ‘selfie’ being crowned Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year 2013, we thought we’d take a look at some of the less prominent member of the selfie family, and advise you on whether not they’re worth the hashtag…

The Drelfie

The blurrier the better

Look how much fun we’re having guys

A newcomer to the pack is the drelfie. The drunk snap you take of yourself whilst prelashing or actually on a night out, in a club, with regret the next morning. These have a usual lifespan of 12-24 hours, and are normally taken off instragram the next day, when the hangover has set in and your sober vision means that you don’t actually look as fit in that photo as you thought you did last night.

The Uglie

The puffa-fish

A classic double-chinner

The biggest and best selfie trend of 2013 is the uglie. Use it to show your funnier side and prove that you too can be as cool as Cara Delevigne whilst looking just as attractive.

The Belfie

Infamously associated with Kim Kardashian’s behind, the belfie is that shot you take of your posterior in a full length mirror, probably whilst wearing little clothing and a mandatory pout. Approach with caution.

The Shelfie

Yeah I read all the time – no biggie

Do you like your bookcase? Do you like your bookcase enough to share it with the rest of the world? If you do, snap a photo of it, pop on an indie filter and then hashtag it the shelfie- the selfie for your furniture!

 The Elfie

He’ll be waiting under the mistletoe ladies

Ah, Christmas is upon us. And with that comes the elfie. Although this hashtag can be used in conjunction with any Christmas related selfie, such as wearing your new Primark Christmas jumper or standing next to your newly adorned Christmas tree, it’s best used when the taker is literally dressed up as an Elf, and is proving to be quite a popular hashtag, with over 5000 topic posts already on Instagram – and it’s not even December yet.

The Healthie

So you eat rabbit food?

The healthie is, perhaps, one of the most famous of the selfie litter. Have you just been running? Are you currently in a gym? Have you just eaten a salad, protein shake or quinoa? Well, then, congratulations – upload a photo to instragram and hashtag it healthie, the selfie for all those boys and girls who like to brag about their fitness and nutrition achievements. Please note, if one is desperate to achieve this hashtag without engaging in physical activity, simply put on some trainers and take a photo of your feet for the same effect.

The Legsie

Hotdogs or legs?

Pretending to be a gym-goer

We don’t really like this one. It involves taking a photo of your own legs and uploading it. Unless there is something particularly interesting on your leg, we advise you pass.

The Wealthie


Gettin’ that dollar

We appreciate the witty title of this newcomer. The wealthie is the ‘cash in hand’ selfie. It can be used in accordance with pay day, or if you’re just genuinely filthy rich and feel like bragging about it. However, unless you’ve just won the lottery, we advise avoiding this narcissistic little gem.

 The edgie

Why smoke rollies when you can smoke pencils?

Because one ciggie isn’t edgy enough

Surprisingly, even hipsters are partial to a mainsteam selfie. If you’re a real hipster you won’t take one, but if you do, put more than one rollie in your gob and Instagram filter the shit out it.