We answer the question everyone’s asking: Why is the SU closed?

The low down on the £2.9m upgrade for Reading Students’ Union

Reading Students' Union has been partially shut for the main room's refurbishment and won't be reopening until the next academic year.

This temporary closure has spread what feels like a period of mourning throughout our glorious campus, which has left many of us with very quiet Wednesday and Saturday nights.

With the only upside of Spring term being another victory at Varsity, students have been struck with a rocky Spring term filled with the joys of strikes, limited study space and Park Bar's inflated prices. We came back to uni with the thought of our lovely union to welcome us, but to our utter disappointment our treasured Flux has been replaced by what can only be described as a school disco.

Basically the dance floors are dead, because no one is going. Despite this, do feel free to buy your £5 ticket, great value for money now as half of union is shut, but at least you can shuffle away to 'Sweet Caroline' all night.

The £2.9m upgrade is being funded by the 2026:Transform Captial Investment Programme by Reading University and RUSU. The Union has been redesigned to improve the audio/visual systems, facilities, access and decor.

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Proposed design for main room development

Although 3sixty is shut, Mojo's Bar, Café Mondial(RnB) and Monterey Lounge (Cheese) are still opening and functioning as normal. RUSU are still coming through, hosting many events such as their comfortingly named 'RUSU Says Relax' evenings until the end of term which will undoubtedly help students get through exam stress by staring into a jug of snakebite. Thankfully, The Graduation Ball on May 18th and the Summer Ball on June 9th will still go ahead as planned.

Tristan Spencer, President of RUSU, said: “We are delighted to be developing our nightclub for the benefit of our membership. We look forward to opening an improved area next academic year, which will provide students with a better club experience, more function space for our sports/societies, and improved access and safety.”

Here's hoping the redevelopment lives up to expectations.

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Images from @rusuphotos on Instagram

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Images from @rusuphotos on Instagram