Reading uni has installed a 16-tap self-serve ‘beer wall’

Human bartenders are a thing of the past

The University of Reading Students' Union has installed a "beer wall" with 16 self-service taps so you never have to interact with a human bartender again.

The wall of beer taps has been installed by Drink Command, entrepreneurs who appeared on Dragon's Den and allow students to pull their own pints.

12 screen 12 tap Self Serve Beer wall installed in Munich, Germany.

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It works by presenting a choice of beers on a screen which shows cost, information about the beer and alcohol content. Payment is then made using a contactless card or mobile wallet.

This system increases the capacity of the Students' Union bar, decreases waiting time, and reduces the risk of theft, according to Drink Command.

While this style of paying for drinks could encourage students to drink more heavily, Drink Command have said the system "makes it easier for bar staff to monitor users’ beer consumption to ensure compliance with local responsible drinking guidelines".

Robbie Ward from Drink Command told The Telegraph: “There is a change of mind-set happening in the beer dispense industry, similar to how self-serve technology has improved the way we buy petrol for our cars, or how supermarkets have improved queuing times with self-scan checkouts.”

Matt Tebbit, head of residential catering and bars at The University of Reading also told The Telegraph: “Our 16-tap self-serve beer wall has allowed us to increase our capacity to serve more customers and hold our existing staff levels by giving patrons the option to order from the bar, or serve themselves at their leisure."