Slug & Lettuce are making a Pornstar Martini with an entire bottle of prosecco in it

Get the drinks in lads

Everyone loves a Pornstar Martini, even if you don’t want to admit it – they taste like heaven.

You’re about to love them even more. Slug & Lettuce are now adding A WHOLE BOTTLE OF PROSECCO instead of that measly little shot you used to get. This will be the new ‘sharing version’ of the cocktail, made to drink among friends. Or you could have it all to yourself, no judgement.

Pornstar Martini’s usually consist of, Absolut vanilla vodka, passionfruit puree, syrup, and liqueur served with a prosessco shot on the side. But now, instead of the shot, customers get a bottle of prosecco to enjoy with their fave cockatil.

Sadly, this won’t be included with the 2-4-1 deal. But Slug & Lettuce are bringing out a whole new menu on the 10th of May that includes new food and drink additions. The ‘sharing’ drink has not been given a price yet, but probably will be around £30.

Reading’s Slug & Lettuce is at the Riverside by the Oracle. They have 2-4-1 cocktails all day every day and an amazing new drink, that hopefully is the start of a revolution. Check out the S&L facebook page for more details.