An A-Z of Reading

You’ll spend three years at Reading and know almost nothing about it

This is probably not going to be the most informative piece of literature that you will read at your time at Uni, but hopefully it will give you a little knowledge of where to go in Reading for a well deserved break from revision or to celebrate your dissertation hand in.

A is for Atom Trampoline Park

An indoor trampoline park, a perfect place to let of some stem. They even have student nights where it’s £8 for two hours! It’s also much more fun than going to the gym to exercise.

B is for Barts

A full English, Sunday dinners and cocktails. Serving all the home comforts, a lovely place to go with a few friends.

C is for Cafe Yolk

Cafe Yolk is the best hangover cure ever, and let’s be honest, the picture does all the talking for this one.

D is for Dominos

The student deals at Dominos are far too tempting when you are sat writing essays all day, especially as they deliver till 5am.

E is for Escape

Do you have what it takes?

A real-life room escape game based in Reading. After entering a room with your team, the door is locks behind you and you have 60 minutes to escape!

F is for Forbury Gardens

A beautiful park situated in Reading, a wonderful place for a summers walk or if you are feeling energetic a run. Spend the day on the grass watching the day go by, explore Reading Abbey or have a picnic.

G is for Grosvenor Casino

If you have money to throw away, why not a trip to the casino? A wonderful environment for a few drinks and maybe even a bit of poker.

H is for Harris Gardens

It’s hard to believe that this is situated on Reading campus. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or even for a quiet revision spot in the sun.

I is for Ikea

Who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea? One has recently opened in Reading! Walking around pretending that the kitchen and living rooms are ones in your very own house. Plus, you can’t say no to the meatballs.

J is for Jamie’s Italian

A prime place for a sophisticated night of prosecco, cocktails and good food.

K is for Krispy Kreme

Mmmm, doughnuts!

L is for London

The capital is only a quick train ride away. It’s easy to get to and not too pricey on the train either. Go for a day trip, visit galleries, spend the day in Hyde Park or even be a tourist for the day and go on the London Eye.

M is for Matchbox

Cheap drinks and great music. It’s a place where you spend most your night on the staircase wondering if you are in the queue for the smoking area or the toilets.

N is for Nando’s

No explanation needed really.

O is for the Oracle

The place for some well deserved retail therapy. From H&M, Topshop, to Hollister, Victoria Secret and Apple, It has something for everyone.

P is for Purple Turtle

You will spend half your time in the smoking area and the rest wandering the basement wondering where the dance floor actually starts and why the seating areas are in caged prison cells.

Q is for Q Club

A room full of sweaty freshers, split drinks and a steep staircase. You will usually find yourselves here every Monday, trying to drink away all your uni deadlines.

R is for Revolution

Revs is where people go to try and have a classy, sophisticated night with a few cocktails or a bottle of prosecco. But all that goes out the window when they bring out trays of flavoured vodka shots. Coffee, chocolate, peach and even chilli flavoured.

S is for St George and Dragon

Not too far from the centre of Reading is a lovely little place called Wargrave, home to the cutest gastro pub, St George and Dragon. A beautiful terrace over looking the river, where you can spend the summer days with a Pimms in hand watching the canoes and boats go by. Plus why not share a baked camembert while you are there!

T is for The Tasting House

Cheese? Wine? What more could you want?

U is for Union

Open twice a week, every week and sometimes even a Friday. A place where you will find three rooms playing music for every person. You will end your night covered in snakebite while singing your heart out to ‘Wonderwall.’

V is for the Vue

Cinemas nowadays may be very over priced but who doesn’t love a good cinema trip, popcorn and a Tango ice blast. A great way to spend an evening off revision and that way you can wake up hangover free for another day of revision.

W is for Wolf Italian Street Food

A great lunch time spot for some hearty Italian fast food, what’s not to love?

X is for X-rays

This is cheating a little….

Let’s just says it could be what you will be needing after a night out in Reading!

Y is for Yo! Sushi

An huge array of sushi, hot and cold and not too expensive, especially if you go on a Monday for Blue Monday! It’s the best spot for a quick bite to eat or a catch up with old friends.

Z is for Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees is situated just outside of the Oracle, near Purple Turtle. Its the perfect place for any occasion, whether that’s a drink on one of their two balconies or a celebratory meal and drinks.