All the struggles you will be able to relate to if you’re a miserable stressed-out third year

In the wise words of High School Musical, we’re all in this together

You may think second year is stressful and then third year hits like an all-consuming tsunami. Dissertations, longer essays, more presentations and that’s not to mention grad scheme applications and stressing about what’s next.

Here’s everything you’ll be able to relate to if you’re a third year.

Disclaimer: Even this article is procrastination.

The workload

It triples. Six deadlines? “It’s fineee” will become your motto in-between countless Red Bulls.

You’ll go out less

Having to refuse nights out because you have numerous assignments. What is happening?

Finding a graduate job is the bane of your life

The question “what are your plans after uni?” is one you will hear at least once a day. That’s before you realise the only experience on your CV is when you were forced into a job when you were 16 for a week. Unless you can include being able to down a snakebite the quickest?

The amount of “last times” of doing things you’ll have

Suddenly you’re becoming sad over writing your last essay, or attending your last Union. Everything is ending, and you finally begin to realise that Bagelman does not exist outside of campus.

You’ll spend your days in the library

You spend ages feeling like a meerkat searching for a seat – then you actually find one! The urge to move into this second home is too real, especially if you’ve acquired a sofa or pod. The only time you’re not there is when you are showering and sleeping (well most people – we hope).

On the plus everyone else you know will be there too, and at least curly fries are nearby. Just try to avoid laughing at memes the whole time.

The guilt of not doing work when doing something else

The one night out you go on, numerous photos will be taken to celebrate. Brace yourself Instagram. Unlike the carefree drunk of being a freshers however, you spend the time at pres talking about work, and stressing about how you should be in the library.

The dissertation

The mere mention of it will make you queasy, especially as the deadline creeps up. Every time someone asks you about it you just want to crawl into bed, hibernate and ignore the word count.

 You suddenly feel very old

Were we really that young in first year? Stealing road signs and downing VK feels like a distant memory. The 40 per cent and days of relaxing with a pint seem like days well missed.

The addiction to coffee

You used to laugh at Lorelai’s addiction from Gilmore Girls, but suddenly you have turned into her. It literally becomes a life support and without it you resemble a walking zombie. Can you get caffeine on drip?

Everyone becomes a emotional wreck

You can deny it, but everyone knows its true. The stress will accumulate the further into the abyss of third year you descend.