All the things they don’t tell you before coming to Reading Uni

Oxford Brookes will be your arch nemesis

You will start to call Reading home

Everything is changing, your local pub is now Park Bar and not your hometown Spoons. You’ll start to know where to go and where not to go in Reading. You’ll then go home and recognise no one on a night out and no-one recognises you. And when anyone asks you about uni you start referring to it as home, as if you have lived their your whole life.

Cafe Yolk will be your hangover cure

The picture does all the talking for this one. The best breakfast.

Budget. Budget. Budget.

Your parents will tell you all through summer to budget before you head to uni and trust me you should listen. You will need to pay for Freshers’ Week, then Refreshers’, summer ball tickets, endless nights out, takeaways to cure the hangovers, essentials like weekly food shops and laundry. It really does add up and we wonder why us students are so poor.

You will stay in touch with like two friends from home

When you leave home you and your friends will tell each other that you will text everyday, meet up for catchups, meals and nights out every time you are home. When in reality you spend every minute of everyday with your friends from uni not even thinking about the people at home. At home you will go out with the only two people you have spoke to twice each month of the year.

Halls are either the best or worst thing 

You either love or hate halls. You may have the best year or your life, making the most amazing friends, becoming independent, finding stuff out about yourself you never knew. Or you could also hate it. You may be homesick or may have not found people you really get on with. Halls are the loudest, rowdiest of places, home to the best pres and flat parties, embrace your time there.

You only need 40 per cent to pass first year

In first year you only need 40 per cent to pass so don’t just keep your head in the books or yourself sat behind a computer screen. Go out and make friends, get involved in all the activities, make the most of first year before the important work actually starts. First year is the time to let loose and indulge yourself in the uni experience.

You will end up living by the Co-op or Wokingham Road area in second year

The end of first year can be a daunting time, especially when trying to figure out who you are going to live with and finding a house. The biggest student areas are near the Co-op and Wokingham Road area. You will find some of the worst student houses here, but also some of the best. These two areas seem to be where everyone ends up. Probably as its close to uni and the alley at the top of Foxhill makes getting to uni that little bit easier.

Every uni has a rival uni

The on going rival with Reading Uni and Oxford Brookes. Varsity is huge at Reading and a very messy night out at Union when it’s our year to host. The days of Yik Yak showed why Oxford Brookes is just awful. I don’t even know why, it just is.

Your house will most likely have damp and mould

When you finally move out of halls you will move in to a house that costs you an arm and a leg each month and on top of that will have to fork out for bills, Wi-Fi and a TV license, something you never worried about in halls. On top of that you will have a landlord from hell who will probably make any excuse to make sure you don’t get the deposit back even if you are all cleaning goddesses.

Second year revolves around food 

You can’t say no to all the takeaways on Wokingham Road. From Chicken Base, Milano’s and Subway, a quick trip after a night out is the way to go. The student deals at Dominos are far too tempting when you are sat writing essays all day, especially as they deliver till 05:00. Now that Reading basically has every restaurant on Deliveroo, getting food ordered in everyday is much easier than cooking. Plus you make it sound okay as if you don’t have to cook you can spend more time on work, right?

The societies are mental

Yes, in first year join all the societies and stick with the ones you love through your time at Reading, but warning they are absolutely mental. Initiations and socials for these societies create scenes I can’t even put into words. You only have to say the word ‘Agric’ and people will instantly roll their eyes.

Make the most of second year

It’s the year before all the important stuff like dissertations and the thought of full time jobs and grad schemes. Let your hair down and go to all the pubs, clubs and bars in Reading. Party all night, every night and don’t let work stress you out too much.

Because in third year you will choose a night in over a night out

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to spend their evening eating cheese and drinking wine in front of the TV. After a long day of writing a dissertation or revising for final exams a night in PJs with plenty of food and films is a lot more appealing than a night out.

Too many box sets

Box set after box set, series after series. You will tell yourself every night that “one more episode won’t hurt”. You will finish a series in a maximum of two days and search high and low for things you haven’t seen. Your year will consist of waiting for the new episodes of Orange is the New Black, or Stranger Things. After three years at Reading we could all get a degree in completing Netflix.

Summer Ball is worth it three years in a row

Make sure you get a ticket. It’s a night to celebrate making it through the year and not completely breaking down. It’s a huge party with the whole University, what’s not to love?