Cats don’t work in halls

It wasn’t as fun as you’d think

Just before Christmas I wrote an article supporting pets in halls. After I returned to uni, no word of a lie, a cat followed me and my partner back to my room. Trust me, it may not be a good idea after all.

It was cold and raining on Friday evening and this poor cat was meowing and crying. Soaked and hungry, she followed me and my boyfriend back to my flat. She was brushing her wet fur against our legs and decided to follow us up the stairs into the flat.

We named her Poppet and cuddled her on my bed where she made herself comfortable. After calling the halls service, who just told us to kick her back outside, I refused to hand her over. She was so happy and purring anyway, there was no way I could kick her back into the rain. It was a stubborn move, I know, but what if she had got lost? Or run over? Or attacked?

The mooshy animal lover side kicked in. I went to get some milk and this cat lapped it up. I looked in the kitchen for anything cat proof for her to eat. You know, fish, chicken, ham. But let’s be realistic, the last thing I needed is to wake up to something which will definitely say goodbye to my deposit.

My boyfriend left for the shops to find food, and I tried to prep for any damage that she could cause. There was a constant whine and meowing until he returned. She dived back into his lap and I was ignored all night. We tried to watch a movie but lost half the bed to this tiny kitty.

Sleeping was impossible. The little minx crawled between me my boyfriend and I was left dangling over the side. I woke up every hour to check she hadn’t left me a present or ripped up the floor. She never left my partner’s side. Saying this, she was still cute and well behaved.

Morning came and she was snug as a bug in a rug. Our hearts ached as we took her to the vet to be told she had an owner.

Her real name is Lola. She visits campus often, so please keep an eye out. She is friendly, loving and kind. However, I wouldn’t recommend keeping her, or any animal in halls, its too much stress. Food, litter trays, sleeping. One night has taught me to leave the fury creatures at home.