The Winners of Jailbreak go to the Reading Uni-Corns

They got all the way to Vienna

This year’s jailbreak was as tense as previous years. Although none of the teams made it to Abu Dhabi or Cyprus this year, the 14 teams were still pretty amazing.

The teams raised just over £3000 this year which smashed last year’s target. This money will go to RAG’s three charities:

Number 5 Counselling  a free service which helps families and young adults talk about subjects like depression, anxiety and family breakdowns.

Footsteps Foundation – a charity that helps to improve the quality of life for children and young adults affected by neuromotor disorders and neurological conditions.

Thrive Foundation – a charity that helps individuals affected by HIV.

The 14 teams started on the 11th of Feb at 10am with the hopes of getting as far as they could within the space of 36 hours. Only in this short space of time, some of the teams actually got pretty far.

The two top teams who managed to get the furthest away from Reading were Framalie and the Reading Uni-corns.

The winners of this year’s jailbreak were Adam Barkes and Amelia Berry who made up Reading Uni-corns. The team travelled 1290km which is the furthest for this year’s jailbreak. Just 7 hours after setting off, Reading Uni-corns made it to Callis. After heading through France and Germany, the team ended up in Vienna at the end of the 36 hours.

Framalie, the team who places second reached a distance of 1072.2km. Francisca Agina and Camille Gosset ended up in Geneva before finishing in Asti, Italy. The team passed through France and Switzerland to reach Italy almost a day after they set off in Reading.

Jabbie the Hut gained third position after travelling a Jemma Callue and Abbie Slade were able to get on a coach to Paris from Victoria Station in London. After meeting a French cat who was so much prettier than them, the team hitchhiked to Brussels where they decided to stay for the rest of the weekend.

The teams Two Idiots Abroad and The Lost Bananas joined forces in Rennes, France. They were both able to get a ferry from Portsmouth to Caen. The teams both travelled around 376km each and ended up staying Rennes for the weekend in an epic ‘Star Wars themed room’.

Other teams weren’t so lucky. Boyz Boyz Boyz, made up of Luke Enticknap, Marcus Morris and Marco Compañó went from London to Portsmouth to see if they could jump on a ferry. With no luck, they stayed at Marcus’s brothers house and went to a house party instead.

The Great Eggscape had a bit more trouble, Charlotte O’Leary and Rose Lennon hitched to Victoria they hoped to get a coach to Dover. They eventually got a train to the coast, but after travelling 160.6km and avoided being arrested twice the team decided they should head home instead.

The Great Eggscape weren’t the only team that were involved with the police over the 36-hour jailbreak. Alpaca your bags got the train to Heathrow trying to blag free flights. After realising that ‘flight companies don’t confrontation’, Bronwyn Jacobs, Natalie Gillett and Nathan Hird headed to the Euro tunnel. However, after causing a stir the team ‘ended up getting picked up by police who dropped us here’. They gave hitchhiking one last try, they ended up in London and travelled 174.6km.

The Outmates, Reading Runaways and Monkey’s Super Banana Dream were all able to get into France but had difficulty after that. All three teams were able to get a ferry, but it was Reading Runaways who were able to get a coach into Paris eventually reaching the distance of 370km. The Outmates travelled 256.2km and Monkey’s Super Banana Dream 202.2km. Both of the two teams were able to get back to London as well within the 36 hours.

Reading Runaways

3loaders and Prestige Worldwide had trouble getting out of England. Whilst Bryony White, Josh Hawkes and Jasmine Duffell got close, they couldn’t get a ferry out of Dover. Although hitchhiking to Southampton and Portsmouth didn’t to help, 3loaders still were able to travel 160.6km around the south of England.

Prestige Worldwide aimed for Heathrow but had no luck. After being given Oyster cards by the lovely Sandra at TFL, Nathan Harries-Wood and Dom Whitlock travelled round London but had no real success on any local transport. Still got a load of free food from Pret though.

The last team, Celts on Tour, planned to stay in England for their jailbreak. Rosie Hoggard, Karolina Koziol and Lily Hayward aimed for Wales. The girls travelled up to Chester where they spent the majority of their time. After staying the night in a pub owners camper van, the girls tried get a lift from any rugby guys going to Wales. Celts on Tour finally ended up Caerwent where they had a course field trip in the morning. Both smart and practical.

Well done to all the teams and congratulations for raising that much money for charity. To donate or get involved with more RAG events go to their website and to donate to these causes, look here.

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