UoR library has taken nearly £140,000 in fines over the last three years

Thats approximately 55,032 overdue books

We all know the stress of having to return a university library book. Throughout school and college, it was fine – rarely was there such a high tech system in place that would brand you a reckless thief if you walked off the library perimeters with an unscanned book stashed away in your bag.

In the last three years, the UoR library has received £139,724.81 in fines for overdue books.

The charge for an overdue books on standard loan texts is just 80p a day.

Though figures are decreasing year-on-year, they remain surprisingly high.

In the academic year, the library took £48,147.38 in library fines. In 14/15, the figure decreased to £47,551.60, and in the last academic year students were fined £44,025.83.

To put things into perspective, these figures indicate that in 2015, there were approximately 55,032 overdue books.