All the reasons why you should start trampolining

If it’s good enough for Buster the Boxer it’s good enough for you

You know the feeling of closing all those tabs on your computer after completing an essay? Well times that by two and that’s what trampolining feels like. There’s more to trampolining than “it’s just flips and twists isn’t it?” and landing on your bum. After all, nothing says new year, new me more than throwing on a leotard and jumping onto a trampoline (leotards aren’t mandatory).

It’s a distraction from uni stress

The feeling of being weightlessness is exhilarating and makes you feel almost invincible. Say goodbye to any stress you might be feeling from those essays or exams. The endorphins make you feel happy, alert and refreshed. Plus, if Buster the Boxer and other animals from John Lewis enjoy it, then you will too.

It is better for you than jogging

NASA studies conclude that jumping on a trampoline is 68 per cent more effective than jogging. Seriously, jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes is the equivalent to a 30 minute run. Who needs to go running, when there’s trampolining?

Your coordination and flexibility will improve

Trampolining enhances coordination, strength, flexibility, timing and balance. When you’re concentrating on maintaining balance, jumping high and completing moves whilst preparing for the next really does improve your motor skills.

It’s rewarding

Whether you’ve just perfected that barani, or pike jump that you been practising for weeks, it is the best feeling. Plus, being able to do those moves that none of your friends can do makes you feel like the queen you always were.

The social side

Our socials are the best, getting to know everyone off the springs are always eventful and hilarious. Whether they are themed or not, the society knows how to have fun. From festival to Mean Girls, a night out in Union is never missed.

You can try out trampolining at Reading Uni on Wednesday 11th 17:45, Saturday 14th 15:15-17:45 at the Sports Park for £1.