Halifax is the pièce de résistance of the West Yorkshire realm

You’ll probably tell people you live ‘near Leeds’ though

Nothing in the world can prepare you for Halifax, Halifornia, Fax Vegas… just some of the tacky names we have given to, in my eyes, one of the best towns in Yorkshire.

By Halifax we don’t mean the bank

Many people will be sick of hearing “Halifax, isn’t that the bank?” Yes it is a bank, but it is also a town situated in West Yorkshire. People won’t of heard of it, so we tend to just say that we live near LeedsHalifax isn’t big and if you live here you tend to know or will have heard of most people that also live in Halifax – this can either be a good or bad thing.


It may not look great from the outside, but I don’t know many people that don’t love this place. Where else can you go and get any drink for 75p or splash out and order the famous Traffic Light for three pound? A drink that will surely make you not remember the night the morning after. It’s the kind of place where your parents use to go to or even your grandparents. Its truly part of the history of Halifax.

Let’s not forget that it is open everyday for nearly three weeks over the Christmas holiday – three weeks of cheap drinks, unforgettable nights, fake snow, and now an empty bank. But all the money in the world can’t replace the memories you make on a night out in Halifax. Acca is the place to be.

A night out on town can feel like one big house party 

Halifax isn’t that small of a town but when you go on a night out you can guarantee you’ll see someone you know. It’s the kind of place where if you lose the friends you went out with you can turn around and there will be someone stood behind you that you know. A Fax night out can turn into a huge reunion very quickly, especially when everyone is home from university.

If you say ‘town’ but you mean Huddersfield you need to take a long hard look at yourself

If you are from Halifax, the only place you should call town is Fax. Huddersfield is a great Wednesday night out but can it really beat a Fax Thursday?

Percy Shaw vs. Barum Top debate

Which Wetherspoon’s should you start your night at? Barum Top has been open the longest and will always be a great place for a Sunday sesh or a full English after a night out. But, many will always end up in Percy Shaws as it’s a great meeting point before you move on to the clubs. Plus, it’s closer to the Acca than Barum Top, so a shorter walk in the cold – wins in my eyes.

If you don’t end your night in Dixy Chicken or Get Stuffed have you really been out in Halifax?

You can guarantee to find everyone you went out with at the end of the night in either of the greasiest yet best takeaways in Halifax. The takeaways are probably where the most eventful things of the night happen, from people and food flying everywhere, to most likely a fight, and that drunk person in the corner struggling to successfully eat their chicken.

We can be classy too

Yes Acca, Maggie’s, Liquid etc. are great places to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening followed up by a greasy takeaway. But we can also be classy with multiple cocktail bars like The Vine and 53 Degrees, along with great restaurants like Riccis Tapas and Catch.

But at the end of the day, we all know we will end up seeing each other on Acca dance floor doing the Macarena after one two many 75p drinks.