Reading students are boycotting University Challenge because Paxman is ‘sexist’

The university is still going to put a team forward

Reading students have voted to boycott University Challenge due to accusations that Jeremy Paxman made “misogynistic and sexist comments” during a recording of the show last year.

Teams for University Challenge are usually organised by the Students’ Union, however the decision by the SU to boycott the BBC programme has meant the university itself has decided to step in so that Reading will still have a team for the quiz show.

A University of Reading spokesman stated: “We want our brightest and best students competing against the top universities in the UK in front of millions of viewers – not waving the white flag and refusing to enter.”


They continued: “The university now plans to step in and recruit a team, given the Students’ Union has opted out.”

The comments that were made to the Reading team by Paxman have been taken seriously by the programme, according to Education Officer, Niall Hamilton.

Hamilton has said that a confidentiality agreement means that the comments in question can’t be specified.

On the Students’ Union website, Hamilton stated: “Misogyny and sexism are not about ‘offending’ contestants, but undermining and oppressing individuals due to their gender.

“These forms of oppression should not be taken lightly.”

The SU voted 120 to 105 in favour of the boycott.