Peep Show’s Super Hans to DJ at Sub89 in November

Best. News. Ever.

Peep Show ended before Brexit, the Marmite shortage, and before the need to have a TV licence to use iPlayer. For many of us, it remains a proud emblem of a better, purer time when we could kick back and observe the nightmare of Mark and Jez’s terrible codependency with a sense of jaunty smugness.

Perhaps the best bit was Super Hans; no matter how bad our love life and how deathly our hangover, Hans was always there, and several stages worse.

However, the show’s legacy lives on, with all of our favourites going on to exciting new projects- seriously, who expected Mark’s mad drunk ex Sophie to be starring alongside Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager?

For Hans, this obviously means going on a DJ-ing tour of the country.


On November 30th, Super Hans (or his alter ego Matt King, for the pedants among you) will be bringing his own brand of chaotic, drug-addled musical shenanigans to Reading’s very own Sub89 as part of his national Super Hans… ALIVE! tour.

He’s already delighted audiences in London, Bristol, and Sheffield, and Reading is next in his slightly hazy sights.

He will be accompanied by Psycho Pab and the Hombre, aka Pablo Clements and James Griffiths from UNKLE, who will be providing the bulk of the musical contributions.

Hans commented: “Ever heard anyone mix The Beatles with Run The Jewels, Bowie, Lifelike and Kris Menace into I’ve Got The Power by Snap?

“No. No you fucking haven’t- but you will, now that Super Hans is ALIVE!”

Tickets are available now.