Reading STAR does Bake Off for refugee crisis

Who will be the STAR Baker?

With a whole lot of negativity and controversy currently surrounding the refugee crisis, child refugees, and the terrible situation in the Calais Jungle, many students are wondering how they can help. We can’t all drop our studies and go out to help in person, but the STAR (Student Action For Refugees) charity, a nationwide group of students committed to making a difference, is a great place to start.

With marches, campaigns, vigils, conferences, and fundraising events held nationally, STAR is committed to supporting asylum seekers and ensuring their stories and issues do not get swept under the carpet by mainstream media.

Charity begins at home, so the saying goes, and Reading’s own STAR society is holding a Great STAR Bake Off event as part of their campaigning and fundraising efforts. Any baked contributions – especially those with a Halloween theme – will be gratefully received, but if you’re not ready to go for Star Baker then you can still go along and buy something sweet.

image courtesy of Courtney Savage

Image courtesy of Courtney Savage

What: a GBBO style fundraising bake sale with a Halloween theme.

Where: the RUSU building.

When: 25th October (that’s this Tuesday, guys!) from 10am-3pm.

Why: to raise money for, and awareness of, the work STAR does. Current campaigns include calling for an equal access system to enable asylum seekers to attend university without having to pay the extortionate international fees, as this is impossible for someone living on the £35 per week allowance that many refugees have. There is also a national STAR conference taking place on November 12th with tickets still available.

image courtesy of Courtney Savage

Image courtesy of Courtney Savage

Come along to the bake sale, have a chat with the team, and find out more about how to get involved with helping the cause. You’ll really be BAKING a difference!