Festival Season 2016: A Reading student’s Style File

Basically, all black errything

Festivals have long since ceased to be just about the music. With everyone and their mum armed with with Snapchat and a scathing opinion about which trends are “yaaas” and which are “get in the sea”, festival season is all about looking your best.

Reading Uni students Courtney and Maddy gave The Tab an exclusive insight into their carefully-planned festival outfits for this years Reading Festival. It was essentially a (semi-ironic) three day catwalk show, showcasing some of this festival season’s hottest and most ‘basic’ of trends. They flaunted their stuff at Reading Festival, but  you’ve definitely seen these looks sported all across the festival map this season.

Day 1: Kimonos and Crystal Crowns  

Combining ‘witch chic’ with the angst of every emo teenager ever, the girls managed to match almost every aspect of their outfits right down to the handmade crystal crowns. Having recently been told they “terrified” a group of middle aged men on a night out, it’s not hard to see why: this is fierce, and more than a little bit magical.



Maddy wears:

  • Top from Marks and Spencer
  • Kimono from H&M
  • Skirt from New Look
  • Crown – handmade but bought from Depop

tab day 1 2nd version

tab day 1 courtney front

Courtney wears:

  • Top from New Look
  • Kimono from Topshop
  • Skirt from Topshop
  • Crown- handmade but bought from Depop
tab day 1 courtney

after the storm comes the rainbow #profound

Courtney added a pop of colour by accessorizing her all-black ensemble with the brightest bag ever, a little rainbow number from UNIF.

Day 2: Basic Bitches

Going from the sublime to the ridiculous, Courtney and Maddy then decided to channel their most basic of inner bitches. Baseball caps, denim, and mesh bras were all on the bill for day two, with Maddy proudly declaring herself ‘unashamedly a basic’.



Courtney wears:

  • Denim dress from Ragged Priest
  • Top from Nicce

tab day 2 mad

Maddy wears:

  • Top from Urban Outfitters
  • Hat from Goodwill
  • Harem pants from New Look
  • Shirt from Primark
  • Backpack from New Look
tab day 2

basic, but doing it ironically

Day 3: Space (buns), the final frontier

With a hell of a lot of trends packed into 48 short hours, Maddy and Courtney rounded off their three day fiesta with glitter roots and space buns, as seen on any fashion vlogger ever these days. Courtney told The Tab she loved the space bun vibe so much that she might never criticise a man bun ever again: ‘maybe that feels as freeing to them as this does to me’.

tab day3 maddy

is it really a festival if you don’t put glitter on your face though?

sun’s out, buns out

Maddy wears:

  • Dress from Asos
  • Flower crown from Claire’stab day 3 maddy

Courtney wears:

  • Dress from Topshop
  • Raincoat from Primarkab day 3 courtney

With the end of festival season drawing near, I think we’ve all seen our fair share of trends we like and trends we literally want to bleach out of our minds, and who knows what atrocities we’ll be seeing in summer 2017.

I’ll leave the honour of the closing remark on the matter to Maddy, who when asked for her number one piece of festival fashion advice wisely advised: ‘it’s bumbags never, rucksacks forever’. A timeless tip that you’ll definitely be grateful for next festival season.