How to survive exam season in Reading

It’s going to be a struggle but you’ll get there in the end

The end of final term is looming, which means you don’t have long to wait until you can forget about uni for three months and embrace everything summer has to offer.  There’s only one thing standing in your way though, and that’s those pesky exams.

Let’s face it, life sucks right now. All of your time is consumed with cramming for exams, and reading page after page of dreary lecture notes. 

To help you make it through the hard times ahead, we’ve put together this guide on how to survive exam season whilst still retaining your sanity.

Avoid the library

You go to the library because you think you’ll concentrate better and get more done, the reality is you spend most of your time messing about with your mates or checking Facebook. So get out any books you need, then get out of the library and go somewhere where you can actually be productive. 


There’s so many other places than the library to revise:

Rooms available during the day (9am-6pm)

  • Business School 201 (24 places – available 25 April – 3 June)
  • Agriculture GU06 (20 places) – available 18 April – 3 June (apart from 25-29 April)

Room available in the evening (6pm-10pm)

  • HumSS 301 (30 places) (18:00-22:00) – available 25 April – 10 June

Room with PCs (9am-10pm)

  • HumSS 173 PC (10 places) – available 18 April – 3 June

Alternatively, head off campus and go to a coffee shop in town, find yourself a cosy little corner, treat yourself to a cake, and nestle on down.

Go to Mojo’s and have a snakebite 

Don’t ban yourself from the campus bars during revision, a bit of alcohol can help you relax. So find a semi-quiet spot in Mojo’s and have a leisurely snakebite whilst doing some revising. You’ll loosen up which might just help your mind to absorb all those tricky concepts and ideas, or at the very least it’ll temporarily stop you panicking about failing.  

Change your screensaver to a photo of a cute puppy or kitten

Exam season is stressful and something always seems to go wrong (like forgetting to take your calculator to the exam). In the depths of revision despair, change your screensaver to a photo of a cute puppy or kitten. Just seeing the photo every time you turn your laptop on to revise will help to  put you in a positive mindset.



Do 30 minutes of work before breakfast

Studies have actually proven that we work more effectively in the morning, so kick-start your day by doing 30 minutes of revision before breakfast. 

Go for a walk 

Even though you’re spending every hour of the day revising you need to stay refreshed and relaxed when it comes to sitting the actual exams. Go outside and take a walk around the lake, soak in the peace and tranquillity it exudes and enjoy the wildlife. Plus, getting out and about will give you a well deserved break from revision.