Do you shave the top of your legs?

Does hair even grow there?

The thigh. It’s the area of your leg that’s easy to hide, takes twice the time to de-fuzz and less hairy than the rest. We asked people to find out who bothers to venture above the knee for shaving.

Charlotte Clark, fourth year, Business

Put the can of shaving foam down, and no one gets hurt

“I might shave an inch or two above the knee sometimes, but most of the time there’s no point. Barely any hair grows there, and with everything else to do, ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Anna Searle, fourth year, Marketing

Gym Bunny

“I used to shave my thighs but then I stopped because they barely grew back- I use hair removal cream on them now and it’s so much easier. Definitely recommend!”

Kat Newington, Film graduate


“I’ve been told you’re not really meant to shave your thighs but I do probably once a week or so. Depends what time of year it is and what I’m doing.”

Emma Gallagher, third year, Media and Advertising 

Getting those smooth thighs out

“Considering I have dark hair, my thigh hair is pretty light so I end up ignoring it. But then you have the awkward moment of seeing it glisten in the light when you’re on holiday. Nightmare!”

Lucy Harrisson, third year, Media and Advertising 

The lovely Lucy

“I shave my thighs, but my shin hair grows back like twice as fast, so the thighs don’t get as much attention.”

Rowan Coupland, second year, Graphics 

Rowan pictured right with fellow smooth-thighed Claire Cooper

Rowan pictured right with fellow smooth-thighed Claire Cooper

“I do shave my thighs so all my leg is hairless and silky. Although I wear jeans most days so who sees them anyway?!”


Victoria Elliot, fourth year, Marketing 


“Honestly I don’t really grow any hair there. Occasionally if it’s a big night out I might shave a few strays, but mostly I can’t even see any hair there, so what’s the point?”


Rachel Pitman, Miss England Finalist and fourth year

Miss Buckinghamshire winner, and Miss England finalist Rachel rocking the bikini shoot

“I love clean-shaven thighs – I always use baby oil or conditioner when I shave them too.I just love when you cross your legs and they slip a little because they’re so smooth- that’s the real reason I do it, for myself! I actually didn’t shave my legs for the beach beauty shoot for Miss England, though.”

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