What Queen Mary actually teaches you

It’s definitely not how to pass your exams

Queen Mary is one of the much smaller universities in the entire country. Coming from Manchester, that was a huge change but I think I learnt more about random things than content in my degree.

This is what I learned at QMUL:

  • From May, unless you get to the library at 9am, you won’t get anywhere so face it and find somewhere else.
  • Eduroam is one of the worst things ever because you know it isn’t going to be reliable enough to send your essay 2 minutes before the deadline.
  • There’s no point going to to get a Costa coffee when the Ground do it for like 2/3 of the price even if it is shit. It may not taste good but it’ll keep you awake or you can fall asleep in the sofas.ground
  • If you’re a light sleeper and actually like sleep everyday… invest in some earplugs because some people have freshers week all year.
  • Cheap accommodation my arse. It might be cheap at £150 a week but compared to the North – bye bye student finance.
  • Pooley House is basically an adventure to another planet because it is so far so a map is needed to make sure you don’t get lost.



  • If you have a seminar on the top floor of the Engineering building, you either have to give yourself ten minutes extra to take the lift or be an award winning athlete and brace the stairs.
  • If you’re 10 minutes late for a lecture, be prepared to take the walk of shame with 200 people watching your every move.
  • You’re going to pay £9,000 a year for eight hours of contact time and then spend even more time than that doing pointless reading which you’ll give up on after week two.
  • Don’t plan a night out on a weekend because Drapers isn’t open for some reason. Every place in London is overpriced and full of old men *ahem Piccadilly Institute*.
  • If you do go to Drapers, don’t wear your new shoes because they’re going to get ruined on the floors which feel like glue has been on it.
  • Also, don’t go too early on a Wednesday night because it’s awkward and looks kind of disgusting with the lights on.
  • Wait, just avoid Drapers on a Hail Mary Wednesday because some of that stuff you just want to unsee or vomit.


  • Proper food is a rarity and when you go home, you feel like you’re eating in a palace.
  • It’s like Russian Roulette when it comes to the chicken shops on Mile End. Either you’ll love it or you might die from food poisoning.
  • But why would you care? It’s cheap af.
  • But for a safe option, Millano’s is the best place for food. You just buy one get one free and you’re food is set for a solid two days so learn to savour that cheesy goodness.
  • But, Nando’s is everyone’s saviour so you can literally live off 2p a day just to get that Nando’s at the end of the week.


However, I have realised that London is pretty awesome because it turns out that the rudeness and silence of Londoners is something to admire and relish.

Queen Mary University of London