Portsmouth ranked in the top 20 fittest unis in the UK

Stop what you’re doing. We are hot.

New data from the dating app ‘Happn' has revealed the hottest universities across the UK based on where the most matches or ‘crushes’ were made.

The app works by creating a dating profile by linking your account to your Facebook. It then uses GPS tracking to present you with a list of people near you and tells you whether you’ve crossed paths with them.

And if your stalking skills aren’t quite on point Happn will even give you a map of roughly where you crossed paths with your matches; their photos, name, age and profession.

Photo credit: @mat_migas

Photo credit: @mat_migas

And now what we’ve all been waiting for…

It was revealed that Portsmouth was the eighth hottest university outside of London and 13th hottest university in the whole of the UK.

Photo credit: @mat_migas

Photo credit: @mat_migas

Hottest Universities Outside of London

1. University of Edinburgh

2. Newcastle University

3. University of Glasgow 

4. University of Bristol

5. University of Oxford 

6. University of Manchester 

7. University of Cardiff 

8. University of Portsmouth

9. University of Cambridge 

10. University of Plymouth 

UK’s Hottest Universities

 1. London School of Economics and Political Science 

2. Kings College London 

3. University College London 

4. Imperial College London

5. University of Edinburgh

6. Newcastle University

7. Queen Mary University of London 

8. University of Glasgow 

9. University of Bristol

10. University of Oxford 

11. University of Manchester 

12. University of Cardiff 

13. University of Portsmouth 

14. University of Cambridge 

15. University of Plymouth 

16. Coventry University

17. University of Sheffield 

18. Queen’s University Belfast 

19. University of Leeds

20. University of the West of England

Bring on Freshers 2017 as who knows which sexy boys and girls will be joining the Pompey team.