Portsmouth Uni’s BNOC 2017: Becky Lawrence

I bet you’ve met her

Fourth year Marketing student Becky Lawrence is the definition of loud. She is a hardcore Purple Wednesday fan and has never missed a social. EVER. According to a Portsmouth cab driver she is known as the PW girl.

The fiery 4″11 promoter loves a night out and is always seen with a smile on her face.

The recent Drama graduate is definitely interesting to go out with, lets just say she puts the drama in dramatic.

She recently won most embarrassing moment on tour for breaking her collar bone during a piggy back race. This time she wasn’t being so dramatic.

The Tab asked Becky what she thought about being a Portsmouth BNOC, “I just like having a wide variety of friends, I would do anything for them and would always be there at 3am if they were ever in trouble.”

Becky’s advice for anyone starting Uni is to “embrace your Uni experience and not be afraid, I have loved every minute of it and Purple Wednesday’s will always be in my heart even if they have been dramatic sometimes…”

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Photo credit: @mat_migas