The best of Portsmouth Uni’s dissertation photos

Werk it

What seems like a lifetime third years have invested into their dissertations, the final hand in is just not complete without photographic evidence. Here are Portsmouth Uni’s finest dissertation hand in photos.

Sophie Dhaliwal, 21, English Language.

Sophie’s dissertation title: ‘What are the attitudes of native English speakers towards English as a Lingua Franca?’

Arjun Amin, 20, Law.

Arjun’s dissertation title: ‘Is current copyright law effective in protecting visual sporting broadcast? A critical analysis.’

Ginny Cade, 22, Hospitality Management and Tourism

Ginny’s dissertation title: ‘A study to investigate the motivations of agency staff from the employer/ employee perspective and to Establish the overall impact of agency staff contracts on The UK Hospitality and Tourism Industry.’

Sam Hudson, 22, Business and Management.

Sam’s dissertation title: ‘An examination into the effects of organisational corporate social responsibility on the graduate job search process of UK students.’

Josh Wilson, 21, Accounting and Business.

Josh’s dissertation title: ‘The potential economic and social effect of micro-finance on the United Kingdom’

Megan Wilson, 22, Media Studies.

Megan’s dissertation title: ‘Contesting the pornosphere: feminist and theoretic responses to the mainstreaming of pornography.’

Nicola English, 21, Property Development.

Nicola’s dissertation title: ‘The growing demand for affordable housing: an analysis of the extent of the UK housing problem and solutions.’

Jamie White, 21, Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Jamie’s dissertation title: ‘Accountability of authorised firearms officers: murderers or heros?’

Leyla Parsons, 21, English Literature.

Leyla’s dissertation title: ‘The Impact of Materialism and Wealth in 1920’s American Literature.’