No one panic but TGI Fridays is opening soon in Gunwharf

The cocktails are coming

Portsmouth is a pretty great place for cocktails no matter where you go. You’ve got The Atrium in Albert road, Kanaloa bar in Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf but there’s a new kid on the block.

The international chain TGI Fridays is going to be opening very soon within the Bowlplex complex.

We asked a Portsmouth uni student what she thinks of TGIs coming to town and she said “yay”. She continued to say that she’s had “great memories drinking their Pornstar Martinis” and that it would “remind her of home”.

When the new bar and grill will be opening is still unknown as we did reach out to Gunwharf and TGIs for a statement but only got this response from the shopping centre.


We’re very excited to welcome their ribs, steaks and cocktails into our lives.