Portsmouth Uni’s BNOC 2017: Roy Senkali

I bet you’ve met him

Second year Hospitality Management student Roy Senkali is best known for his extravagant hair and flamboyant personality. If you haven’t seen Roy, you would have definitely heard his laugh around campus.

The gymnastics and trampoline enthusiast is always seen on a night out in Astoria and is often complemented on his Beyoncé dance moves.

Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly, the name Roy Senkali would’ve come up in conversation at some point. He literally knows everyone. Jake, a first year Sports Science student commented: “Every time I see him out he’s with someone new that I’ve never seen before.”

The recent video of Roy brushing up his gymnast skills on a night out sums him up in a nut shell, he’s definitely not boring.

Katie, a third year English Literature and Language student commented: “I don’t know how he didn’t die from that front flip”.

He is anything but ordinary. Whether this involves going to HB dressed in a onesie for his birthday joined by a couple of drag queens or strutting around in a pair of platform heels, he is definitely one of a kind.

Or how about losing him at a festival and then finding him crowd surfing to the front of the stage. I dare you to find someone to match that.

We asked Roy what he thought about being Portsmouth’s Biggest Name On Campus and his response was: “I feel really proud, it’s an achievement for me and I’m glad I can leave my mark in Portsmouth.”

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Photo credit: @mat_migas

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