Portsmouth puppy event is a scam to acquire students’ personal details

How could they do this to us

In previous years during exam season the University of Portsmouth have hosted a ‘pet a puppy,’ day at the library serving as the best revision break ever. Portsmouth University Students Union have also hosted a petting farm during exam season, also a great revision break.

You may have received your annual email invitation this week for a puppy petting session taking place at the University, however this is a scam.

Today the Union have released a statement to say that it is fake: “Please be aware there is currently a scam across Facebook encouraging students to sign up to fake puppy petting events in various cities. These pages and events are in no way linked to UPSU.”

We don’t know what kind of sick person is behind creating an event about petting puppies only to have that dream taken away from students on the verge of a mental breakdown during exam season, but we know they are destined for hell.

As if the whole scam wasn’t bad enough the Union have gone one step further to crush the dreams of Portsmouth students by ending their post with: “The Union has no plans to host a puppy petting event this year.”