Kens loses late night licence for selling kebabs after 3am

He is being penalised for serving hot food outside of his licensing hours

The owner of Kens Friend Chicken, Naseem Ahmed has been illegally trading after 3am which police have said: “attracted trouble.” Ahmed can serve hot food from 5am-11pm, but cannot serve hot food past these hours.

Ahmed told Portsmouth News he was: “not naive to the world of licensing” and had already applied to extend the hours in 2011 and had them denied. In 2009, Ahmed was issued a warning notice for a breach of conditions in some of his other venues.

Being located so close to night clubs, fights had broken out back in March 2016, meaning an extra security guard had to be put on the door.

PC Pete Rickham told The News Portsmouth that: “Ahmed had failed to act responsibility.” Black Morgan LLP partner Jon Wallsgrove told The News Portsmouth: “he knew applications were coming up to extend the licences at nightclubs Astoria and Zanzi, he talks to the other operators in Guildhall Walk and has a good relationship with Lyberry and Astoria. He knew what was around the corner and took the decision to open up later.”

Mr Wallsgrove also told The News Portsmouth: “he knew that in trading later, he was breaking the law.”

Ahmed has 21 days to appeal the decision, his takeaway can continue trading from 5pm to 11pm.