A typical Tuesday evening before a DD girl shift

“I have to hand wash my leotard because I’m scared if I put it in the washing machine it might shrink.”

Aspiring Journalist Kennedy Barlett is one of the newest members of Astoria’s Dirty Disco girls. Eighteen year old Kennedy is currently in her first year at the University of Portsmouth where she is working towards her degree in American Studies.

This week, Kennedy spoke to The Tab Portsmouth and gave us a sneak preview of how she transforms into a DD girl every Tuesday.

Kennedy told The Tab the reason she wanted to become a Dirty Disco girl was because she is: “a bit of a party animal and wanted to do a job where I could drink, have fun and work at the same time. It also means I have an excuse to go out every Tuesday night.”



Kennedy, who lives in Rees Halls has a light snack in the cafeteria before the night ahead. Kennedy likes to eat her dinner early because she is usually “fucking starving” come 5pm.



It’s fake tan time. Unfortunately, in between studies, Kennedy isn’t a rep in Ayia Napa so Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Mouse from Boots does the job for now.



While the fake tan dries Kennedy puts on her dressing gown, which is slightly warmer than her work uniform, and watches Eastenders with a cup of tea.



While catching up on Eastenders Kennedy begins to straighten her hair.



Just before Kennedy puts on her heels that she has to wear for over 6+ hours sober every Tuesday, Kennedy puts on her knee high socks. Typically worn for sporting events, Kennedy means business.



After spending only an hour and a half just on hair and make up, Kennedy is ready to go to work.



Kennedy arrives at work and is ready to begin her shift. The girls, you may have noticed, recently started wearing new outfits. Kennedy told The Tab: “they changed the outfits because they wanted a new refreshing look for the girls. New girls, new outfits, new look.”


Photo credit: @migasphotography

Slightly different to the infamous DD leotard, at least Kennedy can wash her new uniform in a washing machine: “I have to hand wash my leotard because I’m scared if I put it in the washing machine it might shrink.”


University of Portsmouth