Portsmouth student stabbed in the neck ‘for speaking Polish’

Bartosz tried to call 999 but struggled to ask for help as he began to lose consciousness

Bartosz Milewski, a 21-year-old student at the University of Portsmouth has survived being stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle, after being confronted by a gang of thugs after they heard him and his friends speaking in Polish.

Bartosz is unable to return to university to study and is unable to drive due to his injuries. Last Thursday, Bartosz was sitting with his friends in a park in Donnington when three men “insisted he started speaking English” before attacking him.

He told The Independent: “They had almost gone past but then they heard we were talking in Polish and they turned around.

“They started swearing at us and asking why we were talking in Polish, saying it’s not our country and we should go.

“One of them said he had a daughter living round the corner and he didn’t want her to hear us talking Polish.

“I said: ‘We’ve been living here for a long time and there’s no reason to be like that’.

“We were already leaving. But one of the guys grabbed a bottle. He smashed it and said: ‘If you don’t go I will stab you’.

“I said he didn’t need to do that, we were going. He pushed me and I pushed him back, then he stabbed me.”

Bartosz needed 13 stitches after being stabbed in the neck. Whilst bleeding the men continued the attack and ripped planks of wood from nearby fences to use as weapons.

Bartosz tried to call 999 but struggled to ask for help as he began to lose consciousness, he told The Independent: “I was trying to talk to them but I was losing so much blood, they couldn’t understand me.”

“Then one of the men hit the back of my head with a piece of wood like it was a baseball bat and I fell down.

“The way they behaved was so aggressive – I think they must’ve been on drugs.”

Bartosz planned on returning to Portsmouth University to continue studying Sports Development, but unfortunately has not been able to leave home because of his severe injuries.

His neck is healing but causes him great pain when he attempts to turn his head, which makes it difficult for him to carry on studying or work as a football coach.

He added: “My head is still swollen and hurts every morning when I wake up.”

“I’m worried some nerves might have been damaged because I’m having trouble fully lifting my hand…I can’t do anything.”

“Now there’s no way I would go out at night, not even to walk my dog. If I had to go out I would go with a friend – there’s no chance I would go out on my own.”

There have been no arrests made since the attack. The offenders have been described as three white males in their twenties, one of them was around 6ft tall, slim, clean shaven and wore a grey hooded top with grey tracksuit bottoms.

Anyone with information is asked to call West Mercia Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111 or via their website www.crimestoppers-uk.com quoting incident 26S of 16 September.