plymouth university

Inquest into death of James Webb will be held next month

He was found in Sutton Harbour in January

Wet wet wet: Heavy rain forecast all night

Could this be the soggiest Summer Ball on record?

Upsetting rankings reveal we’ve plummeted nearly 20 places


Fresher wins BAFTA dress design competition

What have you done today?

We don’t think we’re very nice, and we also think we’re really stupid

The alternative uni rankings are in

Please stop telling everyone how much work you’ve done

No one cares

Woman fights off alleged sexual assault on campus

She was attacked yesterday morning

Tab poll results: We’re all voting Tory

Bring back Dave

Thank God we’re back at uni next week, home is so boring


Meet the really muscly MASS competitors

Contains overwhelming evidence of nurtured six-packs and bulging biceps

Robbins Halls evacuated after fresher’s toaster explodes

It got pretty toasty

Plymouth’s most eligible bachelors

Ladies, these guys are worth knowing

Campus Style: Plymouth’s best dressed

Who’s been working the A/W trends?

Marine Biologist finds lovelorn plea for Valetine in a message-in-a-bottle

Calling all lonely hearts

Defiant women’s rep sent hate mail by bumbling Men’s Rights Activist group

They said: ‘We all go gym together almost every day so be careful’

Third year who died in Sutton Harbour named as James Webb

He was last spotted outside Cuba and Bang Bang

Wendy Purcell no longer Vice-Chancellor, but she’ll still be President

Purcell gets a job makeover after frittering away your tuition fees

The University’s spending spree needs to stop

Screens that don’t even play video? Whatever next?

Gorgeous student made Miss Earth England final

She’s had to plant a lot of trees to get here

Pussygate: Chairman of governors resigns following sexual harassment allegations

But he still insists he’s done nothing wrong