BDSM is not all about sex

There’s more than 50 shades

Row Row Row your bot: Plymouth boffins create Atlantic sailing robot

Mayflower 2.0

Thuggish seagulls give Newquay resident a black eye

They were trying to steal his bacon sandwich

The Tab

Plymouth uni hopeful holds up jewellery store at gunpoint

He feared he’d wasted his private school education

Is this the coolest house in Plymouth?

Imagine the parties

Death of Plymouth nurse may have been due to steroid use

Daniel Murray was found dead in his room in February

Dealer who sold deadly white heroin as cocaine accused of murder

Shaun Brotherston and Bradley Price died in November

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‘I’ve never been so close to death’: 21-year-old survives coma after smoking legal high Vertex

He’s on medication for the rest of his life

Inquest into death of James Webb will be held next month

He was found in Sutton Harbour in January

Wet wet wet: Heavy rain forecast all night

Could this be the soggiest Summer Ball on record?

Upsetting rankings reveal we’ve plummeted nearly 20 places


Fresher wins BAFTA dress design competition

What have you done today?

We don’t think we’re very nice, and we also think we’re really stupid

The alternative uni rankings are in

Please stop telling everyone how much work you’ve done

No one cares

Woman fights off alleged sexual assault on campus

She was attacked yesterday morning

Plymouth isn’t as bad as everyone says it is

Give it a fighting chance

Tab poll results: We’re all voting Tory

Bring back Dave

Brave heroes rescue man from Sutton Harbour

Their actions helped save his life

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Bet you can’t wait for it to all be over